Why comfort, safety and extreme situations?

Thanks to a service pressure of 300 bar air resource is considerably higher (almost 40 %) compared to a common tank (with the same volume).
Furthermore, thanks to the carbon shell a CARBONDIVE cylinder is much more resistant than a common cylinder.
And even without the carbon shell there would be no danger of explosion.

The whole diving equipment weighs a lot. Especially scuba tanks are very heavy. As longer you want to dive as heavier is the scuba tank due to its size. Particularly on land it is a bad burden for your body to carry a lot.
With CARBONDIVE cylinders these problems belong to the past. They are much easier to handle, be it on land or underwater. Consequently they are a major relief for your body, notably your back.

Extreme situations:
All benefits from a CARBONDIVE tank allow you to experience your personal adventures. This is also the reason why many Life-Saver and Special Forces such as the fire brigade diver use our scuba tanks.

Safety and health should be areas of life where you save money?

Definitely not!

No doubt, CARBONDIVE cylinders are more expensive than normal scuba tanks. But if you have a more thorough look at it, it is worth it!
Firstly Carbon is a very light and robust material which has to be built very complexly.
Consequently the material costs more than steel.
Secondly, the production process of a CARBONDIVE cylinder his very time-consuming and complex.
Our cylinders are produced with the utmost care. Moreover many quality and safety checks have to be successfully passed.
This is a very time-consuming and extensive process.

Last but not least, you get a high-end product which significantly increases safety and it also supports your health (especially your back).
Safety and health should not be part of life where you save money, should they?
Furthermore, if you compare the extra costs, compared to a common steel tank, in relation to the total costs of a diver's gear, it is only marginally more.

A CARBONDIVE cylinder is much lighter than a normal steel tank.
Then do I need the same weight as extra weight to balance the difference?

No. If you compare a common 10 l steel tank with a 6.8 l CARBONDIVE, (because of the ability to fill our cylinders with 300 bar service pressure, they almost have the same air volume). The volume of a 6.8 cylinder is smaller thus the buoyancy is also smaller.
Of course if you compare a 10 l CARBONDIVE cylinder with a normal 10 l you need a little more extra weight,
but then you have a significantly higher air volume (almost 40 percent!) and also handling on land is easier.

How do I fill a 300 bar CARBONDIVE cylinder?

There are no special treatments needed. You can fill a CARBONDIVE tank as fast as a normal cylinder.
[Only a special adapter for the compressor is required.]

How long is the life time of a CARBONDIVE cylinder?

Our cylinders do not have a limited life time.
It very much depends on your care and handling of your CARBONDIVE cylinder, like the life cycle of a common tank. If you can successfully pass the inspection, your cylinder is still ready to dive.
In context of type approval our cylinders have been tested thoroughly.
They have been filled 12,000 times with examination pressure (450 bar).
They passed this test without any fatigue of material or other problems.
This test reflects a daily fill procedure with working pressure (300 bar) without any problems for 200 years.

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