Single Cylinders
CARBONDIVE 300 6,8 l Monovalve
Design Life unlimited
Service Pressure 300 bar
Diving Time 15 min
Weight (empty) 6.25 kg
Length 59 cm
Diameter 13,9 cm
Perimeter 44 cm
Valve Thread Size M 25 x 2, EN144-1

A CARBONDIVE 300 weighs only the half at the same diving time!
(compared to a 10 l steel cylinder, weight ca. 12 kg, diving time ca. 15 min)
  • All cylinders are delivered with a top quality valve
  • Tank boot included (affixed)
  • Group 1: usable with pure Oxygen
    (requires the use of a specific valve, which is available on request)
  • With Certificate (TÜV)

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • less weight – however the needed extra weight is only 1 – 2 kg
  • high relief for your backbone
  • higher air resources – higher safety
  • frequent refilling not necessary - 2 dives with only one cylinder fill

Production Process

Highest safety and quality standards take top priority
  • Cylinders have a steel liner (CrMO-steel)
  • Carbon fibre wrapping (cylindrical shell)
  • 5 independent quality and safety examinations during the production process:
    - "Brinell-Hardness Survey"
    - Visual examination (inside and outside, multiple controlling of the thread)
    - Ultrasonic examination
    - Hydraulic compression test
    - Final examination before delivery

A CARBONDIVE 300 cylinder is incredible resistant,
it bursts at a pressure of 851 BAR.
There is also no danger of explosion, even if the winding is damaged.

A common steel cylinder without a carbon fibre wrapping bursts at 430 BAR.

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